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Destined For Greatness

Affirmations are my go-to empowerment resources, BUT Declarations take you to the next level.  Take this next-level journey with me as we declare that we are destined for greatness. Pre-Order your copy today!

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Andrese Johnson

I'm An Overcomer!

Hey! I AM ANDRESE!!… There was a point in life where I didn’t have confidence in who I am, I hid myself behind self-doubt, anxiety, the lack of self-worth and a smile not realizing that living my best life was all up to me.  I am a believer in life is all in what YOU make it.

I am a survivor of many things to include abuse both physical and mental.  I have experience unthinkable loss and other life challenges, like being a teen mom, that could have broken me but yet I’m still pushing forward.  My passion is to help other women believe that they can be victorious in overcoming any challenges that they may face and that they believe that they are worth the fight through my inspiration, motivation and transparency.  I enjoy helping people believe that they can accomplish their goals and have no problem in giving a little push by providing them with supportive measures as well as a hope of confidence in believing they are not alone.

I am an inspiring author, certified life purpose coach, and a motivator whose desire is to uplift and empower others to be the best version of them while continuing to grow in my own gifts.

Although I have life experiences, which could probably be enough, I am still constantly learning the skills needed to not only increase my life but also help others through education.  I have acquired certification as a life purpose coach as well as an associate’s degree in Psychology and am currently working towards my Bachelors with a concentration in Life Coaching.

I am Andrese! A domestic violence survivor, a teen mom victor, and an overcomer of depression who one day realized that my life mattered and decided to live my life with purpose on purpose.  

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"Your book shows life after the storm!! It motivates and shows others that if God can do it for one person, he can do it for all of us. I’m glad I can also stand with you and say, “By the Grace of God I’m Still Standing.”
Evelyn Duncan
USA Today
"Your book was absolutely phenomenal! I know that so many women go through what you’re speaking about and just in the physical but also the mental. I look forward to your book being a NY Times best seller! Every woman NEEDS to read this book! Thank you for sharing your testimony! If we all were that transparent, things would be a lot different!"

Destined For Greatness

New Book!

Destined For Greatness

Standing takes determination. Do you remember learning how to walk? I don’t, but I know I had to take that journey all over again to learn how to stand through life. Affirmations are my go-to empowerment resources, BUT Declarations take you to the next level. 

Take this next-level journey with me as we declare that we are destined for greatness. Pre-Order your copy today for $20.00 Get Free Shipping when you sign up for my mailing list.

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Andrese Johnson

Still Standing

“Keep moving forward”

Still Standing

“Keep moving forward”, is the quote that keeps me going … Life has challenges, I’ve had a few of my own, but it is surviving those challenges and not being afraid to tell your story that will inspire and motivate others to keep pushing past and winning their own battles to gain freedom.

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Still Standing

"Challenges aren't meant to break you but build you"

Andrese Johnson - Author

Empowered To Inspire

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I have gained a wealth of experience that I want to share with those who are interested in or are already on the path of writing a book. Let me help you avoid the pitfalls that I experienced!

Life Strategist

It can sometimes take a boost of encouragement, support, and a little push in order for us to sometimes see our potential.  As a Life Strategist I will assist you in understanding what your desire is and challenge you to surpass your goals.


I speak of life experiences such as domestic violence, low self-esteem, and depression and the tools that I have used in order to overcome unforeseen circumstances while encouraging, motivating and inspiring women to know that they can do the same.

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